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The story begins in 1997, when the expansion of computer use and the World Wide Web craze was in full swing. Our family created the fun, educational board game Cyber-Quest to help everyday people make sense of new technologies and understand how to use them.

Thank you!

Thank you for considering Inter-Quest as a company to build your career! Whether you’re looking for an entry-level or advanced position, we might just have a great opportunity for you. Discover an environment that’s collaborative, creative and innovative at Inter-Quest Corp.

Our current open positions include:

Tech Sales Careers with Inter-Quest

We are currently hiring talented salespersons who love to solve problems for business, nonprofit and government professionals.

We are hiring salespersons who love to solve problems for business, nonprofit and government professionals. Ideally, you have some experience selling or servicing technology, but we will consider an internship if you are tech-savvy and just out of college or making a career move.

No cap on income. Earn all you want. When you make money, so do we. Therefore, we don’t care how much you make – but we hope that you will make more than you ever have before.

PLEASE NOTE: We make money by serving people – putting them first and providing superior value. Our “sales” people are caring consultants, not pushy quick closers.

Our IT services company is headquartered in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. We are a versatile, highly respected and growing information technology provider.

Contact us immediately if you thrive in a startup-like environment with good people and enjoy helping business, nonprofit and/or government clients get more from technology systems that support their work.

Why are we different?

We work together well, and each of us is focused on achieving our own strategic plan that focuses us on achieving work that is exciting and meaningful to us personally plus meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

In your employee strategic plan, you have:

  • Clear, measurable goals
  • Clear expectations between you and your manager
  • Defined responsibilities and work-related competencies
  • A complete plan to pursue the career of your dreams

Your specific responsibilities include serving business, nonprofit and government organizations because they:

  1. Have business problems. Help them find solutions.
  2. Do not know the questions. Ask those questions to better comprehend the real issues.
  3. Do not realize where they are losing money. Investigate to identify the pain points.
  4. Want to increase productivity, but are uncertain of what to do. Ask the right questions.
  5. Would like to increase revenue. Assess options with them to decide the best approach.
  6. Have limited information on technology. Help them explore cost effective options.
  7. Use technology from other vendors inefficiently. Improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  8. Work internally with technical resources to design/develop solutions and proposals.
  9. Find new leads through relational activities (events, in-person calls, phone, email, etc).
  10. Maintain data on sales prospects and clients in our CRM software.
  11. Present technology solutions with a clear ROI.
  12. Close new business for the benefit of the organization we will serve.

This is a full-time, long-term CAREER opportunity in our Beaver Dam office, although at least part of your week will be in Beaver Dam. This is not a short-term job or a remote position. Telecommuting is not an option. People often stay with us for a long time. We do not have openings often, so don’t wait.

We are in growth mode. If you like to help people solve problems, are excellent at following up and have a proven track record of developing relationships, then contact us immediately. We are hiring NOW.

We offer you:

  • Proven technology solutions that solve real business problems.
  • Lots of challenging work to do that appeals to your desire to help people.
  • A secure company and team environment where we all support your success.
  • Proven systems and processes balanced with resources to achieve results.
  • Compensation and benefits that reward your individual and team contribution.
  • A team environment where your strengths are valued and developed.
  • A place where your contributions are valued and you are encouraged.

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Competitive and results driven
  • Happy to talk to a lot of people about real problems and solutions
  • Knowledgeable about computer networks and business technology
  • Skilled at developing relationships
  • Positive with a good attitude and a high-energy level
  • A Self-starter with motivation to constantly improve

If you believe you are a match, then email us the information below. We are hiring immediately.


Computer Technician Careers with Inter-Quest

As technology is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can offer quality technical support.

Computer Technician Job Description:

As technology is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals (also known as IT technicians) who can offer quality technical support. Computer repair technicians fill this need, and while their specific responsibilities can vary from position to position, their duties often include:

  • Installing hardware and software systems
  • Maintaining or repairing equipment
  • Troubleshooting a variety of computer issues
  • Setting up computer security measures
  • Configuring computer networks
  • Offering technical support on-site or via phone or email

*If you are interested in the above career opportunity, please send your resume to [email protected].

Marketing Manager Careers with Inter-Quest

A Marketing Manager develops and implements strategic marketing plans that drive an organization’s business forward.

Marketing Manager Job Description:

A marketing manager develops and implements strategic marketing plans that drive an organization’s business forward. He or she is in charge of generating growth in a company’s sales by targeting the right customer base with a variety of marketing techniques. This includes planning, executing marketing campaigns, recommending appropriate sales and marketing channels and guiding the research and analysis of market data.

A marketing manager may also be responsible for hiring and training a marketing and sales team, as well as supervising various job duties.

This position is in charge of creating a market for the specific product/service offered by a company through collaboration with other departments, such as public relations, customer service, etc. In addition, a marketing manager will design and conduct market research studies and perform data analytics on campaigns.

In general, the marketing manager position requires a degree in marketing or a related field and at least seven years of experience. Marketing managers may start their careers as buyers, sales representatives or public relations specialists and move into the position after obtaining an advanced degree.

*If you are interested in the above career opportunity, please send your resume to [email protected].

IT Managed Services Engineer Careers with Inter-Quest

We are looking for talented engineers to help us deliver world-class support to our clients. If you have great customer service skills and excel at technical support and problem solving, we would like to talk to you.

Responsibilities include:

  • Technical Account & Project Management
  • Maintaining computer networks and systems for multiple businesses
  • Troubleshoot and remediate tier 1, 2 and 3 technical issues
  • Triage support calls and managing ticket status
  • Supporting client end users via telephone, email or chat
  • Manage, schedule and document work using our service desk tools
  • Utilizing remote monitoring and management tools to ensure system uptime
  • Improving client service, client perception and satisfaction.

Candidates must have excellent coordination, communication, and problem-solving skills; must be self-motivated with the ability to handle multiple assignments simultaneously and have a proven track record in customer service. If you are capable of providing an exceptional customer experience and working in an energetic and fun environment, this job is for you.

Candidates must possess the following:

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in business IT support, help desk or Network Operating Center.
  • Expertise in Microsoft server and desktop operating systems including: Windows Server 2008/2012 and Windows 7 & 8.
  • Working knowledge of Exchange, Outlook & Office365 e-mail
  • Experience with Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 & Office365
  • Full understanding of DNS, DHCP and Active Directory
  • Working knowledge of antivirus solutions
  • Experience supporting remote workers
  • Working knowledge of network protocols and routing.
  • Experience with Firewall technology, VPNs, etc.
  • Professional technical certifications such as Microsoft MCP, MCSA or MCSE; Citrix CCEA or CCIA; SonicWALL CCSA; Cisco CCNA, or VMware VCP.
  • Technical awareness and ability to match resources to technical issues appropriately.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to project a professional, friendly image over the phone and in person
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems quickly and completely.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to multi-task and adapt to changes quickly.

The following are highly desired:

  • Working knowledge of Virtualization technologies (VMware, Hyper-V, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of advanced storage technologies (SAN, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of Citrix solutions.
  • Working knowledge of Linux
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or related technical field

*If you are interested in the above career opportunity, please send your resume to [email protected].


Send the email to: [email protected] Make the subject line of your email: I like to solve problems
  1. Take a look through our website and review this description of the type of person we are looking to have join our team.
  2. Write us three reasons why you feel this is the best career opportunity for you.
  3. Please include your salary requirements, and why you feel this is fair.
  4. Attach your resume to your email.
Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!
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