4 Ways Professional Social Media Management Can Grow Your Business

Your customers are active on social media. 

This is a true statement no matter what industry you’re in or what demographics you target, because nearly half of the entire planet is active on social media. Of those users, more than half report engaging with brands on social media more than once per month.   

This type of market penetration is no doubt why more than 90% of Fortune 500 brands are already engaged in some form of social media marketing. If you’re not already doing it, you are in danger of quickly falling behind.   

You may already realize just how important it is to ensure that your organization has visibility on social media, but even if you build profiles on all the right channels the regular maintenance and community-building work can quickly become overwhelming.  

Professional social media management may be the solution you need to keep your audience engaged and reap the benefits of an active social media presence. 

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1. Social Media Content Creation

Due to social platform algorithms, the only way to grow your organic reach on social media is through regular updates. Even if you hit the jackpot and have some of your social media content go viral, your updates will quickly sink back into oblivion if you’re not updating regularly. The problem is that even a few tweets can take hours to ideate and write. A professional social media management team has the data available to find topics and language that are proven to resonate with your audience, freeing your team up to focus on their jobs. 

2. Social Media Automation

Regularly updating social media means more than just having content available – you also have to make sure you are publishing on the right platforms at the right times to maximize your engagement in the form of comments, shares, and likes (another critical factor for organic reach). When you hire a social media management team, you will have access to social media automation tools that are optimized for engagement and reach, meaning you can create and schedule content weeks or months in advance, which maximizes efficiency for your business. 

3. Social Media Promotions

Running a promotion like a giveaway or contest on social media is a great way to boost engagement and grow your audience. However, the logistics of running this type of event with no experience can turn a fun idea into a major time-suck. A professional social media management team will have experience in the legal intricacies as well as the best plug-ins and tools to set up and manage this type of promotion for maximum visibility. 

4. Social Media Customer Engagement & Support

More and more customers are turning to social media for customer support. An unanswered message on Facebook or Instagram can turn a simple problem into a publicity nightmare. On the other hand, customers who receive good customer support on social media are likely to spend more – up to 21% more – with your company.

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With a dedicated social media management team, you can rest assured that someone is checking your accounts regularly and maintaining a dialogue with your customers, whether they are providing positive feedback or have a critical concern. The value of a prompt response can mean diffusing an otherwise sticky support situation while building a positive reputation for your brand.    

Whether you choose to engage a professional social media management team or go it on your own, the important thing to remember is that on the other side of your screen are human beings. The more you interact with and get to know your followers, the more you will learn about your customers and more effectively your company will be able to grow.  

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