7 Smart Uses for Digital Signage in Higher Education

Digital signage is being used in higher education in different ways. The students are constantly looking for rich media to help them interact and university staff and administration have acknowledged it.

The number of higher education institutions using digital signage has increased as it is implemented to serve students and staff in a better and more efficient manner as explained. The following are the seven smart digital signage:

Changing the menu

Restaurants and food kiosks are now using electronic menus, and the practice has been adopted by lunchrooms at different campuses. Since new foods are constantly being developed, it is important to keep people informed of these changes.

Using digital menus makes it easier to inform people of changes in the menu and prices. They can also contain enticing videos to make the students interested in trying the meal. The staff also has an easier time managing the queues and food and the wait time is reduced.

Change of classes

In the past students would get notified of class changes through a sticker on the door. Digital signage solutions ensure students get alerts on their phones saving them the time it would take to get to the campus only to get turned back.
Closed buildings

Accidents happen, and there might be an issue with a building rendering it unusable for a while. Students and staff benefit from digital signage in two ways.

They can be advised using the mobile system and signs.
Students get to know where their class has relocated to and if there are any changes regarding the session.


Digital signage makes it easier for students and staff to find key areas before they get used to the campus grounds. It is beneficial especially for first-timers who are bound to get lost in the first few days.

Wayfinding is also useful in informing staff and students if there are some campus parts under construction.

Better sense of a community

Digital signage creates a sense of community by encouraging the sharing of information relating to events like birthdays, sports events and others that are done by groups. There are also bios of players in sports events together with their picture. It makes it easier for other students to cheer the players and identify them by name. It creates a better sense of pride in the school.
Emergency alerts

Tragedy strikes at any time but the first few seconds are important in determining how the situation will be handled. Some emergencies might be relating to security that is considered a big concern for the school. In the case of any emergency, there are buttons or levers on different parts of the school that can be used to initiate lockdown protocols.

The use of emergency message signage keeps people aware of the situation and what to do to enforce their safety within the campus. Students who are not yet on campus can be advised not to go to the campus. The police can also get informed on the intruder for them to take the necessary steps.
Improved library circulation

Not many people visit the library. However, with digital signage, attendance has increased, and more people have been utilizing library resources. Students and staff have also been informed of campus events they can attend and staff has been introduced using the technology.

Digital signage has made life easier by improving communication among staff and students and also integrating different parts of the campus.

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