Benefits of Moving Email to Office 365

October 31, 2016

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Benefits of Office 365 Migration

It is vital to have a reliable email system for your business in order to sustain communication aspects such as client contact, supplier contact, in-house communication, and sending of invoices among more. Without this essential aspect of communication, your business could easily be crippled. As technology advances, more reliable email solutions and systems such as the cloud hosted Office 365 from Microsoft have been developed to take over the traditional, on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers.

The Office 365 migration (that is the shift from the common Microsoft Office to Office 365) holds in store many benefits to your business. It gives you online access to your email, presence/communication, collaboration, and office web apps.<?p>

Here are the major benefits of Office 365 migration:

1. Enhanced accessibility (at any place and time)

With office 365, you can be able to access your email and any other office apps from any place and at any time. Cloud hosting enables easy access to mails, files and apps at the workplace, home or even when on the move. You no longer have to specifically sign in to your work desktop or laptop to view your email securely. Use your PC, tablet, Mac or even smartphone to view your emails even while on-the-go.

2. Save heavily on costs with the pay-as-you-go pricing

Office 365 is the ultimate platform for running cost-effective email solutions. With it you get to pay as you go, meaning you get more predictability and flexibility in the service. You can therefore buy as many licenses as you want and be able to scale up or scale down in a much simpler way than with the case of an on-premise server. This can save you huge up-front costs.

3. Automatic backing up of files

No one enjoys losing a file because it had not been saved early enough. It results in time wastage and too much hassle writing or creating another piece of the same. Office 365 takes away the hassle of saving these files from you. It automatically saves your files and provides back-up, ensuring that your latest version of any file is automatically updated and never lost.

4. Trusted source and high-end security

Office 365 is created by Microsoft, a trusted name in the tech industry. They have invested a lot of money in to the creation and running of the hosted service to ensure it’s the best in its category. This guarantees that the email solutions on Office 365 have more up-time, geo-redundancy, powerful security, and disaster recovery options.

5. Better communication through collaboration

Mis-communications can slow down your business operations or completely hamper them. Improve the efficiency of your business by moving your email to Office 365 and enhance collaboration within your business network. Everyone can have access to the same document at the same time, hence creating no room for mis-communications or misunderstandings.

6. Online conferencing

This is the age of online meetings and connections. Office 365 offers you the perfect conferencing tool to connect with your colleagues as you take notes, screen-share, and video chat through one application.

If you haven’t moved your email to Office 365 already, join the train now! Don’t let your competitors enjoy the benefits of email migration as you watch. Find out more on how Office 365 email migration can work for you.

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