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May 19, 2023

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Our client portal enables our clients to create, update, and view their tickets.

A tour of the client portal


We recommend bookmarking our login page in your web browser for future use.

Need a login? Contact us to request one.


Upon logging in, you’ll be directed to the Dashboard. Here you’ll find all of your open tickets, their status and the ability to open a new ticket.

New Ticket

After clicking the “New Ticket” button, you’ll be directed to the New Ticket request type page. Select your request type and press continue.

Depending on the request type you picked the questions will vary. Some have predefined question fields to fill out such as the hardware issue ticket below as where others have a block of questions on the right side that need to be copied into the description and answered there. (See the Employee onboarding request example below)

Hardware Issue Request Example:

Employee Onboarding Request Example:

Viewing Tickets

From the dashboard there are multiple places to open tickets you have with us. The easiest way is to click the ticket number/title line in the “Open Tickets” box on the right.

Once you have selected an individual ticket you will see the screen shown below. It has all the details of the ticket along with the ability to add additional notes and attachments.

On this screen you will also see the history of the communication on the ticket on the right side. You can communicate with us here through the portal notes or by responding to the emails you receive when a ticket has been updated.

How to get a login

To request a login to the client portal, email support or give us a call.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get notified of ticket updates? Do I have to communicate through the portal?

Whenever your ticket gets updated, you will receive an email. You can reply directly to this email to communicate with us.

Login to the portal at anytime to review the current status and notes of your ticket(s) or to add more information.

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