Cloud Storage vs On-Premise Storage: What’s the Difference?

Cloud Storage vs On-Premise Storage

Before we get to the main issue here, it would be well first to get to know what the two terms mean. Online storage or cloud storage is an Internet-based application, which gives you an opportunity to store up your vital documents and files online in a secure and safe way. On-premise, on the other hand, is explained by its name; the papers and records are installed and run on computers that are in the building of the software’s user. Security, especially of your critical data is supposed to be taken care of. A good number of companies produces very vital information that should be kept or stored in a place you can be sure of its safety and integrity, and the two options that come to mind are either in the cloud that is accessible via the internet or real servers located at the company offices. We all agree that these two are the best one can consider, but we shouldn’t dispute the fact that they both benefit the businesses in separate ways. Factors that would be considered here are, the types of information that are produced, the size of the enterprise, the level of security needed and budget among other factors.

The following are some of the benefits of the two means of document storage:

Cost saving due to scalability

Companies keep on growing every day. The more this growth occurs, the more information is produced. This will require you as the entrepreneur to add your storage devices. In adding software and equipment, one thing that comes to mind is money. You will have to purchase them, and at times, they could be very expensive. Therefore it would be cheap and easy to use cloud storage, which is capable of storage extensive data that can serve hundreds of people.

Easy accessibility

This is an important aspect and must be considered when it comes to choosing the means of storage you want to use. Success in any business mainly depends on constant upgrades and improvements. For you to do this efficiently, you must always be on the move most of the time trying to borrow ideas from different sources. You would want a storage device that would walk with you in all your business trips. The cloud system of storage will grant you and your employees an opportunity of accessing your company files, wherever they are at whatever time, on any device. This would make your work easier compared to using on-premise storage that would require some physical movements and can be significantly affected by security breaches.

Consider the cost

You will have to buy or hire on-premise storage equipment, and remember that some of them are not cheap. Cloud storage would still be the best option here, because all you will be required to do is to maintain your subscription, depending on the number of clients you have.

Offering 24/ support

Cloud storage will do this best since it’s available with you every time. You can access your files anytime you want.

Think of the security of your files

To withstand the threats that are brought in by hacks, malware, spyware and others, security must be critically treated. Cloud storage system will be so easy to monitor. In fact, you can do it 24/7/365. To secure your on-site device, you will have to spend regarding monitoring and software.

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