What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

This is a process of moving files from one particular location to another one. You are able to transfer files in a network so that it is in a new location on the computer to another computer and you can also transfer them from a secure location on your computer to the Internet. File Transfer Protocol different data and control connections between the server and the organization or client that is using it. You are able to make your File Transfer Protocol uniquely yours by having it authentic to who you are… you can do this by assigning a username and password as a sign on process. This is convenient for companies because it allows security from others accessing or stealing your files.

When Do You Use FTP?

File Transfer Protocol is utilized when you are moving files from your computer to another computer that is in a faraway location. The File Transfer Protocol takes place of copying files from your computer and then moving them. When copying files, you take the risk of losing the file or someone else getting a hold of it. This happening can cause many different issues and major problems for the company. When you are using File Transfer Protocol you are able to transfer files from one computer to another one if they both have an Internet connection… that’s all that is needed. It doesn’t matter where the computers are located; if they both have Internet connection File Transfer Protocol is a possibility.

How Do You Access the Files?

Anytime that you need to access your File Transfer Protocol you have to have your username and password. If you don’t have your username and password you aren’t able to get in at all. There are two connections that are needed to send and receive files doing File Transfer Protocol as well as using the commands that are needed to use File Transfer Protocol. Once you have the connections that are needed to send and receive the files you then have to make sure that you send the files through to the standard port. The standard port is the protocol that the Internet uses to move the files from one computer to the other.

In order to receive files the client manager that you are using to File Transfer Protocol through has to be a part of the server that is well known as the “list”. When the new server gets the files, it sends a notice to the client manager letting it known that it has been received. Again, in order to do this, you will need your username and password.

Have More Questions?

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