Google Chrome has now marked all HTTP sites as not secure. Will your site be impacted?

Google has been penalizing websites that are not protected with an SSL certificate for years, but they have now taken things a step further. Google is now displaying all websites without an SSL certificate as “Not secure” in their Chrome browser. The warning is meant to push everyone who is still not using SSL encryption into the future, and to help further secure the web from malicious sources.  

The warning appears in the top left portion of the browser bar, and looks like this: 

What is SSL? How does this impact my browsing?

SSL is a standard abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer. It is a form of security for sites that handle sensitive information like passwords, names, addresses, credit card numbers and more. It serves as a secure link between the user and the server company. SSL is important since it ensures that all confidential information is protected. There are several benefits to using SSL certificates.

  • Encrypting information – With SSL certificates, information can be encrypted so that third parties cannot access it. Users will be comfortable knowing the website they are accessing has high-quality encryption. The encryption makes it harder for third-parties to access the information as it moves between servers. 
  • Authenticity – When browsing, users want to be certain the websites are authentic. The reason is that they will be sharing sensitive information on the website. Having SSL certificates ensures websites get server certificates that are an additional form of protection. Customers can validate websites by looking at the documents to find out if they are up to date. It ensures that customers are safe from imitation websites. 
  • Payment made safer – Customers who will want to browse on safe sites especially if they are paying for goods or services. SSL certificates make them more confident in online transactions since they will be certain that the information they enter is not accessed by other unauthorized parties. 
  • Anti-phishing protection – Customers have been receiving phishing emails that would trick them into entering their credit card information that will later be used to carry out malicious acts. SSL certificates make it easy for users to identify fake websites from the real ones. Once they see that a website is unsecured, they will not continue browsing on it. 
  • Brand reputation – Businesses that use SSL certificates on their websites improve their brand reputation. Customers put more confidence in the brand since they will be sure any information they share remains private. The business will be seen as one that is willing to advance with technology as it moves towards future-proofing. Customers will be inclined to trust the business and will be assured of getting a positive experience every time they access the website.

Businesses that operate online are advised to go through the process of obtaining an SSL certificate. Choosing to operate without one will make customers hesitate when it comes to making purchases. SSL certificates are getting more popular, and soon, customers will only be making payments to businesses that have secure websites.

Why the push to update now?

The push for everyone to be utilizing secure connections has actually been happening for years. This is because everyone benefits from a more secure internet. Due to SSL certificates being so easy to implement and maintain, 81 of the top 100 sites on the internet are now secure. Users are already demanding a website be secure to make payments or use a password, so it only makes sense to get everyone on the same page. 

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