Google Chrome’s New Security Standards

Users no longer have to worry about web safety when browsing. Google Chrome has come up with a solution to address the security problem that comes with unsecured connections. Users who log into HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit information will be marked as non-secure. The move was brought about by the increase in the number of unencrypted HTTP login pages that left users vulnerable to having their information accessed by hackers as they continue browsing.

Currently, HTTP connections are identified through a neutral indicator. Users cannot know whether the pages they are logging into are secure by looking at the indicators. Another user who is on the same network can easily follow and gain access to the information before it reaches the recipient that can have devastating effects. Personal information like passwords and credit card details can also be retrieved and get altered.Users can find they are locked out of their accounts or find that they no longer have control.

The information shared on these pages is sensitive, and users want to be certain that the pages they log into are secure. The indicators for non-secure pages will make it easier for users to know the websites they can trust with their personal information. Websites that do not want to end up in the non-secure group will have to change their encryption to HTTPS that is a better and safer format.

Google Chrome New Security Updates

Google Chrome users are not keen on the ‘secure’ indicators on the pages they browse. Part of the reason is that the warnings might appear frequently making it seem like a scam. As a result, Google is taking gradual steps by starting with HTTP sites that ask for passwords and credit information since the data given is sensitive in nature.

According to Google, the move aims to discourage people from using HTTP for their websites and instead use HTTPS. HTTPS uses Secure standard technology and is easy to manage and affordable. It has new features that are too complex for HTTP and is powerful. Shortly, all HTTP pages will be labeled as non-secure to make people transition and switch to HTTPS. Most of the Google products use HTTPS encryption on the web pages.

The SSL in HTTPS pages ensures that the data passed between browsers and web servers remains private and confidential. Google continues taking the necessary measures to improve user experience and improving browser security is one of them. Therefore, Google is ensuring users have website security.

How to Order as SSL

Email [email protected] to start the process of ordering your domain’s SSL. We will walk you through the steps in making your website optimized for the new security standards and help your customers feel as safe on your website as we can. If you did not purchase the domain from Inter-Quest, please have the domain name needing to be secured and the person listed as the administrator for the domain handy as we will need to contact the person to initiate the SSL purchase.

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