Google Chrome’s New Security Standards

Google Chrome’s New Security Standards

We wanted to inform you of the upcoming changes to Google Chrome’s new security standards, set for release in January 2017. It includes new features which mark every HTTP web page that collects passwords or credit cards with a notation of [Not Secure] before the page’s URL in the address bar.

Google Chrome New Security Standards Updates

Eventually, in future updates, Chrome will mark ALL HTTP addresses as [Not Secure].

Google Chrome New Security Standards Updates

Why is this Important?

When the client accesses the CMS by going to, Chrome will display the [not secure] notice in the address bar as pictured above. That is b/c that page asks for their password.

Without the security certificate, the user’s credentials are being transmitted in an un-encrypted form over the Internet. That is why Chrome will start warning with the [not secure] notice.


To remove the [not secure] notice in Chrome, and to protect the user’s credentials by transmitting them encrypted, the website will need to have an SSL security certificate installed.

Inter-Quest is offering their standard SSL123 certificate for $149.95 with FREE installation (a $49.95 value) if the certificate is purchased before March 31, 2017.

Additional Benefits

Google is now giving preference to secure websites (using HTTPS) in their search rankings. That means that adding an SSL certificate not only provides security, but also better search rankings.

How to Order

Email [email protected] to start the process of ordering your domain’s SSL. We will walk you through the steps in making your website optimized for the new security standards and help your customers feel as safe on your website as we can. If you did not purchase the domain from Inter-Quest, please have the domain name needing to be secured and the person listed as the administrator for the domain handy as we will need to contact the person to initiate the SSL purchase.


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