A How-to Guide for Creating an Awesome Social Media Strategy

When is the last time you sat down to plan your company’s social media goals? It is important to keep your social media in line with your current marketing strategy. Here are five steps to get you started?

Step 1: Align Social Media to Your Company’s Goals

To have the impact you envision, your social media needs to align with your company’s overall goals and corporate values. When designing or revamping social media campaigns, pull out for a 50,000-foot view to ensure that you aren’t just meeting your social media marketing goals, but maximizing the impact social media can have on the whole company.

Some goals that achieve this could include:

Increase Brand Awareness


  • Follower count for your social profiles
  • Referral traffic from social media and clicks on your social media posts
  • New leads collected through social media and conversion rate of leads


Media Grow Revenue


  • Signups or revenue from social ads


Boost Brand Engagement


  • Build a community around your social media tied to your business
  • Number of posts, likes, and comments for Facebook
  • Number of participants, tweets per participant for Twitter
  • Number of daily active users for Slack


Increase Mentions in the Press


  • Potential reach, influencers and shares about your content, includes percentage that ask about industry-related topics


Learn about Your Customer


  • How many conversations with social media customers
  • Pay attention to their suggestions or feedback for product or content improvements


Step 2: Break Out Goals into Tactics

Map out the specific actions needed to accomplish the goals you’ve set. Here’s are some ways to this:

  • Create a list of influencers in the target niche and approach them for sponsored posts
  • Direct message each to try to form a relationship
  • Initiate a sponsored post with 1 brand or influencer per month


Step 3: Prioritize your Plan

Every marketing team has limited resources. In order to be effective, you need to develop tactics and a social media marketing plan based on those tactics. So, how do you set priorities? Try Product Plan’s model which compares value vs. complexity.

  • Evaluate how much value each tactic will create for the business
  • Compare that to the effort each tactic takes, as well as the complexity
  • Prioritize by the highest value tactics with the least effort and complexity involved
  • You cannot predict exactly how much time and effort each tactic takes or the actual value proposition it will bring to the business. This is an educated guess designed to focus and redirect your efforts on an ongoing basis.


Step 4: Assign Tasks and set Dates for Goals


  • After you rank specific tactics that you plan to use to accomplish the company’s social media goals, add two items to each tactic.
  • Assign people to work on and be responsible for each tactic.
  • Set a target date for when each tactic should be accomplished.


Step 5: Analyze and Adapt the Plan Frequently

After you set your plan, schedule time on a regular, recurring basis, to adjust the plan and pieces in motion. Adapt your goals and tactics frequently, but smoothly. If something isn’t working or generating measurable impact, don’t get attached. Kill it and start fresh. Regular brainstorming sessions with co-workers in leadership and sales can help generate new ideas. Don’t be afraid to farm out ideas to and from entrepreneurial coworkers.

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