How to Handle Holiday Website Traffic

Expect an Increase in Holiday Website Traffic

The holiday season is fast approaching. Therefore, it is important for every e-commerce business to adequately prepare for the busy selling season. Every e-commerce business should be well prepared to handle an influx of sales as people shop for gifts and other products for the holidays. Prior to the holidays, there are certain measures and steps that you should take to enable you to attract more customers to your business and how to handle the increase in website traffic.

Use Holiday Promotions

For starters, you should schedule holiday promotions to entice and attract more traffic to your site. Offer both transactional and itemized discounts to encourage your online customers to purchase from your store. Always make sure that the discounted sales are spread out over the course of the holiday season. You should have many customer deals with set parameters to use the correct discounts at the right time. Also, keep track of what codes are active when to avoid frustrations of your customers by fine prints whenever they choose to participate in your promotions.

Display Clear Shipping Policies

Define your shipping deadlines and return policies for easy follow ups and enhance your competence. Make sure that you define and display the shipping deadlines with clarity for the seasonal delivery to avert any cases of inconveniences. Furthermore, communicate your return policies early and often to make sure that your customers are knowledgeable and well aware of your policies. Having definite timelines will enable you to have a successful sales and shipment time over the holiday season with minimal complaints.

Customer services are necessary to run a successful e-commerce business. Around the holiday season, make sure that you have a functional live chat with an agent to cater for your customers 24/7. Having a reliable and live chat with prompt responses will portray your business and products as reliable and will making the shopping experience to be enjoyable for your customers.

Check Website Bandwidth

Since the holiday season is a time crunch, not many calls may go through. Thus, when the customers have an enjoyable experience shopping on your site, it will increase your conversion rate. Advancement in technology has resulted in more people accessing the internet via their mobile devices. To tap into this huge website traffic, make your site responsive with reduced loading time.

Create a Responsive, User-Friendly Online Experience

This responsiveness makes your potential customers to have an excellent experience as they browse through your site and are more likely to make their purchases from your store. Additionally, make sure that you have defined your payment options. To stand out from your competition, strive to have more options of payments to make it easy for your customers to pay for their shopping hassle-free.

If you have any questions about how to optimize your company’s website for the holidays, contact our website and online marketing department at Inter-Quest Corp.

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