Would You Speed Up Already: Increase WIFI Speed 10 Ways

Our Need for WIFI Speed

The internet has absolutely become part of our daily lives and as such WIFI is now available in most offices, homes and virtually all around us. With such advancements in technology has come the need for WIFI speed and it is quite frustrating when you experience some slow connections when using your WIFI device. Here are some tips on how you can enhance the performance of this vital gadget.

1. Switch channels

In shared offices where there are different entities operating under one roof, it is obvious that the WIFI connection will be shared amongst all who are in the building. As a result, connections can be slow and the easiest way to improve performance is by identifying a channel with few users and switching to it.

2. Use of quality of service settings

Such things as videos and games can consume a lot of data and end up slowing your WIFI connection. The best thing would be to ensure priority settings are settings are given to vital functions as opposed to games and videos.

3. Centralization

Your router needs to be free from any distractions that may affect its performance within the area to be covered. If it is surrounded by other electronics, it may not perform as expected hence moving the router to a central place would most probably solve the problem.

4. Reset the router

Just in case your internet connection is slower than usual, consider turning it off and plug it back after a while. This is actually the first step to take when you realize some abnormal behavior before taking any other action and it is advisable to do this once in a while.

5. Upgrade your security

Security measures and encryption may be outdated after some time and can be the cause of your slow internet connection because your WIFI does not support such. Update you security to realize better results.

6. Reposition the antennas

Sometimes, all it takes to have faster internet connection is positioning the router antennas correctly. Ensure they are in a perpendicular position for a better signal.

7. Heat mapping

If you had not considered centralization of your router, then, using heat mapping software can help you locate regions where WIFI connection is available and the best place to place your router as well. This solution can as well substitute the centralization option.

8. Disable public access

Supplying your WIFI connection with a security code that requires one to login to access it will take care of those users you share your internet with and tend to overuse it hence, slowing down connections.

9. Use WIFI repeaters

If repositioning the router antennas or switching the location of the gadget fails to avail signal connections over a longer distance, then you need to make use of WIFI repeater to make this possible. Old routers can serve this purpose as well cutting down on the cost you would have otherwise incurred. Repeaters allow you to access internet connection through buildings too.

10. Rebooting

When your router fails to function as intended. It would be wise to think of way to have a scheduled rebooting option for the router. It is easy to use a timer in this case to reboot the device once in a day or two for better functionality.

Most of these are DIY solutions that solve slow internet connections easily without the need of seeking the services of a technician or professional. Try either of these today to increase WIFI speed. Get in touch with us now for more details.

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