Is Managed IT Services Right for You?

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Technology is a critical component of every business whether big or small, as it enables them to operate efficiently in a competitive environment. Because technology is constantly evolving, keeping up with all your IT operations can be time-consuming, costly and distracting from your primary cause of business. Allowing your business to shift its IT operations to a managed service provider that assumes responsibility for 24-hour monitoring and problem resolution for your IT systems may be the ideal solution for your business. Here are some signs that managed IT services from a trusted provider are right for you.

Lack of a Quality and Dedicated IT Staff

A majority of small to mid-sized businesses do not have a dedicated IT professional team but delegate IT administrative duties to tech-savvy employees who can only keep things in operation but not running as smoothly as they should. You need to have people with the right amount of knowledge and experience to get the job done and keep projects up and running whether it’s updating software, maintaining hardware or handling the complexities of a network, software and other technological processes.

Loss of Productivity Due To Network Issues

If your organization is experiencing recurring IT issues that eventually affect your staff’s productivity, it may be time to contact a managed service provider to help out. Partnering with a managed service provider will ensure that your systems are monitored 24/7. With this arrangement, issues can be identified and resolved before they can impact on your business operations. You will have peace of mind knowing that the latest tools and innovations are being put to use to optimize systems to their full potential.

Your IT Systems or Technology Processes Lag Behind Your Business Growth

If your business has had significant growth and your technology struggles to keep up with its pace, it’s time to consider a managed service provider. As a business grows, so does its demand for support solutions expand, hence it’s necessary to find a managed IT services provider that can seamlessly grow your technology to match your needs.

Being Reactive Rather Than Proactive

Are you continually putting out fires after they have already happened? Is your server repeatedly going down because no one detected a piece of equipment is past its lifecycle? A managed service provider can help to eliminate the challenges you experience with break/fix IT work. With continuous remote monitoring and maintenance, issues will be detected and be dealt with proactively before they ever cause a server to crash.

Lack of Confidence in Security of Sensitive Data

Maintaining the security of sensitive data is a company’s top priority. It is very common for confidential information to end up in the wrong hands either through cyber security threats, ransomware attacks, etc. If your company is taking a hands-off approach to securing a network and mitigating data breach risks, it’s time to reconsider and make things right before it costs your business. A managed IT services provider ensures that data backups are completed while keeping security patches and anti-virus protocols up to date.

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