Should I purchase IT Glue? An IT Glue product review

December 26, 2018

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A lot of buzz has been made surrounding IT Glue. They’ve won dozens of awards and boast 60,000 users in 30 countries. They promise to get your metaphorical IT house in order, but are they worth the hype? 

What does it do?

If you’re not familiar, IT Glue is a documentation platform. Construct a virtual warehouse to store your organization’s assets, vendor information, account passwords, policies and procedures, knowledge base, and more, all within an SOC 2 compliant setting.  

Even though IT Glue focuses on cataloging and organizing all things tech, there are many benefits outside of this for any company to use IT Glue. Improve your company’s efficiency by securely storing all passwords in a compliant way, only giving access to those who need it. Catalog your standard procedures so your tasks get done the right way every time. Organize your vendor information so you never have to fumble for contact information when you need it the most. Document your assets like workstations, printers, and licenses so you know exactly what you have and when it needs to be renewed. 


With all of that said, how much is fluff, and how much will you actually use? Every company is different, but I can say without a doubt that our most used core assets are the vendor and password management, the collaborative documents and configurations.  

Vendor and Password Management

Vendor and password management is a huge feature for me in particular. I work with many vendors daily, and IT Glue lets me keep track of my account numbers, representatives, their websites, our knowledge base articles written related to them and account passwords. This eliminates the need for the highly insecure and risky “post it notes around the monitor” method! On top of this, there are measures in place that allow you to select users or groups who have access to both passwords and vendor information. This allows you to keep information secure and separate. The amount of time and headaches saved from having a system for managing this information that doesn’t involve Excel spreadsheets or notepads is an immeasurable help to any organization. 

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Another feature of IT Glue that has been a huge asset to our company are the configurations. Configurations allow us to create and track profiles of a sort for all our managed equipment. For instance, if we install a new server at a client site, we can easily keep track of install dates, expirations on our agreements, serial numbers, our tags, where the item is physically located and more. Multiply this by several hundred machines and it is easy to see how useful this becomes! 

Document Collaboration

A third feature that we use daily with IT Glue is the collaborative documents asset. We have a file structure set up to include our standard operating procedures, a knowledgebase, our discovery documents, agreements and more. We have found that as a company, every time we encounter a problem we have never seen before, we document how to resolve it in a step by step process that any other technician at our company can easily search for and access. We have one location that is easy to navigate and is in one format for all our SOPs; this saves time and money when standardizing on a process company-wide. Bringing all this documentation together is a “quick search” bar. This allows you to search across not only the documents folder, but even the vendors, contacts and passwords as well.  

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Final Thoughts

IT Glue is a documentation powerhouse. The vendor and password management alone make it a worthwhile investment. Couple that with document collaboration and configuration tracking and it’s a steal. The best part? I have hardly scratched the surface on IT Glue’s feature list. Checklists, contacts, domain trackers, location documentation, licensing documentation, and active directory documentation are just a taste of what else Glue can do. It is easy to use out of the box and will scale well with any size organization. When it comes to IT Glue, we cannot recommend it enough. 


Interested in hearing more, or would like to get IT Glue for your organization? Let’s talk. Contact us  today and we’ll go over our special pricing and schedule a free demo!

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