Top 5 Antivirus Myths Debunked

Top Five Myths about Antivirus Software

Antivirus is software that every computer user should have on their computer regardless of the computing platform. However, for some reasons, this becomes hard to wrap the mind around due to some myths and untrue information about the antivirus software. This makes some users afraid of installing the software on their machines. The most common myths include;

You will only visit safe websites

This is among the main excuses that people use to avoid antivirus software. However, the truth is that there is no safe site and there is no website that is 100 percent secure and not prone to potential threats. In fact, most of the most secure sites have become prey to viruses and hackers.

The attackers are working around the clock looking for means to exploit and improve their techniques so that they can match the security level. With this said you should not consider ruling out the idea of having antivirus for your computer as you are aware that no website can be termed as entirely safe.

Antivirus will slow down your machine

This idea has misled a lot of people who believe that security solutions like antivirus can slow down their computer. Although there is some truth in the argument, the fact is that antivirus can only slow down a computer if it does not meet the system requirements for it to run smoothly. Moreover, this happens if many scans are running concurrently or if you have installed more than one antivirus program or if there are too many activities happening simultaneously which leads to an overlap which slows down your computer. With the advanced encryption, an antivirus program should not cause any changes in the speed of the system.

You do not need a Mac protection

The Mac owners think that they do not need antivirus protection and that they are safe. However, the truth is that they need the protection as much as the window users do. No system is completely safe, and they are all prone to security threats.

Hackers are not interested in your system

Some people feel like their machines are not carrying any information that can draw the attention of hackers, but what they fail to understand is that as long as they are using the Internet, any information is useful to hackers. Thus no one should ignore their computer’s security.

You do not need to use the Internet

Some people tend to think that they will not log into any systems thus they are not at risk. But what would be the use of having a computer if you are not going to use the Internet from time to time? Time will come when you will not have a choice, and for this, it is better to be safe always.

You need to invest in getting quality antivirus software due to many reasons which include:

    You can never predict when virus will attack your PC

    Once the damage is done, it may cost you a lot to repair. Thus it is wise to avoid the future repair costs

    Protecting personal data

    Protecting others

Just like in everything else, there is a lot of false information about antivirus software, and it is essential to be knowledgeable about it no matter how convincing it may sound.

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