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Why You Should be Using Trend Micro’s Cloud Managed Antivirus

It’s eight O’clock in the morning. You’re sipping your morning cup of coffee and catching up on emails so you can start the day. In your groggy state of mind, you unknowingly click an attachment from an apparent co-worker that appears legitimate – suddenly you are greeted with a pop up demanding a payment in the latest cryptocurrency in exchange for decrypting your files.

At first you think your machine has been hacked, but within minutes you realize you unleashed a ransomware virus on your entire network. Your company just lost their entire database!

You Can’t Rely On Backups Alone

Here at Inter-Quest, we take the security of your business seriously. The above example is not a fairytale; we have had clients over the years deal with this exact scenario. On average, almost 40% of backups fail, are out of date or are corrupted. Do you want to trust your data to a suspect backup?

Of course not! Everyone understands the need for antivirus, however, something that many small and medium business owners may not fully understand is that not all antivirus software is created equal! Going for the cheapest antivirus may be the difference between an intact file share, and an encrypted mess that you can never recover.

Have Our Team at Your Back

Enter Trend Micro. Their “Worry Free Business Solution” is a cloud managed, anti-malware, anti-ransomware powerhouse. When you purchase it through us, you join our community of over 1000 endpoints. We get alerts when someone is trying to deliver viruses, malware, ransomware and more to your machine. There is something to be said about having a team of IT professionals at your back.

While antivirus is a key component of Trend, where it really separates itself from the pack is machine learning and behavior analysis. Other companies are happy simply adding existing virus definitions to a database – not Trend.

Fight Viruses That Don’t Even Exist Yet

Trend actively learns from malware. It predicts how malware will act based on previous iterations, and in turn blocks suspect programs from being downloaded. This means you are protected from viruses that don’t even exist yet. Trend delivers the peace of mind in knowing that your antivirus is not only protecting you from the known, but the unknown.

Still not convinced Trend is right for your business? I haven’t even scratched the surface on the available features. Trend will also provide you with web filtering, application control and device control to name a few. With Trend you will be warned before clicking on websites that are known to be malicious. You can even take things a step further and block specific users within your company from using things like a USB flash drive or downloading specific applications.

Want To Learn More?

This is your business. Don’t risk everything you’ve worked for on a simple mis click.

Interested? Click here to learn more about our full managed services offerings or contact us. Let us conduct a security audit for you, free of charge!

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