COVID-19: Remote work services and support

COVID-19 Policy Update

23 March 2020

One of Inter-Quest’s most important core values is safety—this means the safety of our employees and their families, as well as the safety of our Clients, vendors, and community. One of the best ways we can remain safe is to make sure we are communicating well, and this policy update is designed for just that reason. Please keep in mind that this situation continues to change day-by-day, and this policy will have to adapt as well. We will continue to update all our clients as new information is made available.

We are open and ready to support you. Unless the issue is critical however we will be supporting our clients remotely and all, but some key staff are working from home effective 3/24/2020 until Governor Evers lifts the state’s Safer at Home order.

Over the last four years Inter-Quest has heavily invested in remote support capabilities for our managed clients. We are making those investments available to all our clients so that we can remotely assist anyone that needs our support. If you need assistance setting up your own workforce to work from home, please also let us know.

If you need assistance, please call 888.324.0665 or 920.885.0141 to schedule an appointment. You may also open a support ticket by emailing us at [email protected]. We will need to determine if an in-person appointment is necessary prior to scheduling one. We have substantial remote assistance tools and will do our best to solve your problem remotely.

With the world’s current focus on COVID-19, we wanted to provide you with information to help ensure the health and wellness of your employees, clients and vendor partners. Like your organization, we are closely monitoring the situation and staying on top of the latest developments.

As a technology solution provider, we have developed and implemented our own business continuity plan for situations such as this. We have a robust remote support solution toolset and our staff is fully fluent with its uses. Our staff is following CDC guidelines on social distancing and hand washing as well as using our toolset to resolve client issues remotely whenever possible. Rest assured that we will still perform any on-site service whenever necessary.

We recognize that there is a lot of uncertainty on what will happen next. We are here to assist you with your own remote work strategies. Our team of technical resources is available for a discussion on how we can help you implement a safe strategy for your employees and your customers. Some examples of the services we can provide are:

  • VPN Setup – for remote employee access
  • Cloud phone solutions – to allow your phone number to be answered anywhere
  • Audio, web and video conferencing
  • Document sharing and collaboration
  • Remote management and monitoring

For over 20 years our focus has been your success. While the challenges change, our focus does not. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions on how we can help.

To schedule a discussion regarding a remote work strategy, please fill out the form or contact us at:

Phone: 888.324.0665

Email: [email protected]

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