Municipal Clerks

We’re well-versed in your specific government compliances and budgeting needs.

Budget-conscious solutions to get compliant, efficient, and secure.

Many municipalities are too small or tight on cash to afford hiring somebody in order to stay compliant with organizations like the WEC. Since our packages are designed specifically with municipal needs in mind, we’re able to keep costs substantially lower than paying an internal employee. We know exactly what to do to keep your devices up to date, secure, compliant, and running efficiently.
.gov Email Addresses

In 2022, the WEC will restrict official communications to .gov email addresses. We can help you quickly and easily get set up with a .gov or email address at low cost.

Patch Management

We manage security updates and patches to keep your equipment up to date. This includes Microsoft and third-party patches.

Proactive Monitoring

Our best in class enterprise tools monitor, alert and manage your systems to ensure you're safe from failures and attacks.


We can help with procuring or upgrading your computer to be compliant, but we'll also keep it compliant through our monitoring and patch management solutions.

Antivirus and Spyware Protection

Our security suite keeps your systems secure, giving you peace of mind.

Did you know?


A program called OPSWAT is required to be installed on your computer in order to be compliant. We can help install OPSWAT and handle the rest of your compliance needs.
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Did you know?

43% of cyber attacks target small organizations

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We do it all

We can be your one-stop IT shop to cover it all and make sure you’re doing everything you should Only interested in a few things? We’ll customize a solution to fit your budget and needs

Additional Recommendations

The WEC strongly recommends additional functions

The WEC outlines a few additional recommendations that we would also strongly suggest you consider. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Daily Data Backup and Recovery
Manage Digital Certificates
Set-up Multi-factor Authentication
Network Monitoring and Security

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