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Inter-Quest is available and ready to support you and your business through these trying times. Read more on our COVID-19 policy page.

Why Inter-Quest?

Industry Veterans

Anybody can run an IT support business. Few have the experience and our unique perspective to compliment and catalyze your business’s growth. The moment you add Inter-Quest to your team, you augment your business with over two decades of business-oriented IT knowledge and expertise.

We actively provide industry-leading security, support and IT management to a broad range of organizations. Our experience with a breadth of clients from government to non-profits, healthcare to education, and manufacturing to financial institutions allows us to tailor your solution to drive efficiency and productivity using technology in your unique business or organization.

Your organization is driven by technology. Your choice of IT support doesn’t have to be a speed bump in its growth. Don’t waste your time and resources with the dime a dozen—go with the proven veterans.

Jeff Davidson (COO) & Bill Schwartz (CEO)

Growth Planning & Budgeting

Our Over-Watch support plans arm you with a Virtual Chief Information Officer. When you work with us, we will help you create an IT roadmap complete with timelines and budgeting in mind. Let us be your guide. We can handle it all or we can integrate it into your existing business processes.

Vendor Relations

Feel like you’re speaking another language when dealing with software & vendor support? Let us deal with the hassle. We’ll troubleshoot vendor related issues on your behalf. Make us the only number you need to call when you have an issue.


Support for you and your team. Rest easy knowing we’re just an email or phone call away. From password resets to critical network outages, security cameras and advanced audio/video solutions—we have a team that can handle it.

Want to get specific?

Inter-Quest will handle as much as you need so that you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.


We’ll service, repair and maintain your servers and workstations, avoiding costly downtime. With our proactive monitoring, we keep your workstations running efficiently.


We handle it all, from routers and access points, to cable runs and patch panels. Say goodbye to spotty connections and poor network speeds.


From traditional phone systems to voice over IP, we cover it all. Don’t let your phone system put you on hold.

Websites & Marketing

Inter-Quest provides a strategic approach to building your company’s online presence through website development, content generation, social media marketing, SEO and online advertising. We can also help make your website ADA compliant to serve all visitors.

Backups, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Everyone knows backups are one of those things you don’t know the value of until you need it. Many fail to also consider the cost of not having a proper disaster recovery and business continuity plan. We will design a disaster recovery plan not only to fit your business needs, but also your budget.

Audits & Compliance

Need to be PCI, HIPAA or ADA compliant? Interested but just thought the cost would be too high? Look no further, Inter-Quest makes the process both simple and affordable.

A Quest for Better IT Services in Wisconsin

Inter-Quest was founded in 1997 as a full-service technology firm in Waupun, Wisconsin. Our mission is to educate and create solutions that make IT easy and manageable for all. It began with Cyber-Quest, a board game designed to teach others about computers.

Experience a results-driven methodology

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