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Should I be using Proactive Device Monitoring?

Click. Grind. Blue screen. Out of nowhere, your hard drive just died in the middle of your big project. “Are you kidding me?”, you ask in disbelief. How could this have happened? You always take great care of your machines, and it’s only a couple years old! You might think that nothing could have been done to prevent this, but you’d be wrong. 

What can I do? 

 Proactive device monitoring is the solution! Take charge and get out ahead of hardware issues. With Inter-Quest’s remote management software, we’ll track vitals on all your workstations and servers. We’ll get notified when a hard drive is failing, you’re having processor issues, your memory is throwing errors, your patches are out of date and so much more. Relax with the knowledge that Inter-Quest has got it handled. 

Knowing is half the battle

When it comes to avoiding costly downtime, knowing is half the battle. With our remote monitoring software, we’ll notify you when an issue arises. Our system will automatically create a service ticket when you have component failures. Since we get an advanced warning, you get an advanced warning. This means that instead of dealing with unexpected downtime, we can plan ahead and minimize interference. We’ll turn your failing hard drive from a catastrophe to a minor inconvenience. 

Interested in learning more? 

Proactive device monitoring is just one of the features included in our Over-Watch Monitoring and Security packages. Click the button below to find out more about device monitoring as well as our entire Over-Watch product line.

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